Walk Away EP

by companion

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This is the same songs and recordings as the last upload but re-mastered so it sounds better


released December 19, 2013

Written and performed by companion
Recorded by Cody Pilkinton
Mixed and mastered and re-mastered by Shane



all rights reserved


companion Springfield, Missouri

companion is tristan, shane, andrew, and nathan

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Track Name: Strangers
I know I'm crazy but I feel it regardless
I'm on my knees begging god to end all of this
I am so much worse than you think I am
I try to change but I don't think I can

Everything hits me wrong
I spend days wondering how I lived this long
I can count my friends on one fucking hand
And they don't even know who I am

Why is everything constantly fading?
Why am I so caught up in relating?
I spend all my energy on hating myself

Preoccupied with loneliness
You're all leaving and I can't fucking take this
What more do I have left
I'm just a stupid spoiled kid
Now I'm all alone
I set it up all along
I'm calling on my saving graces
Just to see these strangers with familiar faces
Track Name: Judges
Rise with the sun
Set with the same
I am the son
With a permanent stain

I may not know much but
I understand loss
You crucified me
On a second-hand cross
Track Name: Sleepless
I used to count the days
Now I only count mistakes
It doesn't matter either way
I won't let you come back to me

I won't be waiting for you to come back
I won't be waiting for you

What made you think I'd let you change your mind?
You know the verdict and you know the crime

All of the words
(I begged you to stay)
I gave you a chance
(you still ran away)
Lost in my thoughts
(I fell to the floor)
But I refuse to lose sleep anymore
Track Name: Walk Away
When there are no more lessons to learn
And no more bridges left to burn
And no one else's respect left to earn

I try to bridge the gap
But I'm the one lighting the match
I built this bridge, I'll burn it down
Put me to sleep without a sound
And walk away

I can feel my skin has worn so fucking thin
You can see right through my empty chest
My bones are hollowed out, replaced marrow with doubt
Hell is a place in the pit of my stomach

I keep my tongue
As sharp as a knife
I've fought with words
For my whole life
Fists clenched so tight it hurts my wrists
How am I supposed to deal with this?

Everything is wrong
Everything is wrong
Everything I do is pointless
So fuck this stupid song
Walk away
Track Name: Question Master
(you know them already)